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    Check out some of our features and automation!

    Capture Inbound Leads

    Integrate your Website, Social Media Pages, and Mobile Card Scanning Solution with InSyncTelco CRM so you can capture leads easily, then nurture them through marketing or distribute leads evenly in round-robin to your Sales Team.

    Enrich Your Leads

    Enrich your leads quickly with data found on Google, Linkedin, Facebook and Whois, giving you greater insights into your prospects key drivers.


    Automate Repetitive Tasks

    While prospecting new leads and updating the contact status, it will automatically create follow-up tasks reminding you to call them back and send the lead a personalised email that you tried to call or scheduled a call-back.

    Solution Selling

    Foster more effective Solution Selling with your Sales Team by providing lead qualifying questions to help your sales people uncover customer pain points and discover opportunities to offer solutions that set you apart from the competition. ​

    Opportunity Reminders

    You'll never miss an opportunity again with automatic reminder of contracts which are due to expire within a few months.



    Communications Integration

    Email, Social Media, and Phone System integration enables all incoming and outgoing communication with prospects and customers to be recorded automatically against the contact record. Also enabling accurate visibility of sales activity across your team.

    Territory Management

    Segment your sales team into territories based on geographic location, product speciality, and many other options, set targets for each territory and report on pipeline and address any forecast shortfalls quickly.

    Quote, Invoice & Calculate Commissions

    Create, Manage and Send Quotes and Invoices to prospects, and automatically calculate the businesses gross profit and sales person commission based on plans, services, and hardware sold.

    Targeted Marketing

    Schedule targeted email marketing campaigns based on Industry, Company Size, Contact Job Role, Preferred Mobile OS, Current Mobile Provider, Location, Cross-Sell Opportunities and more.

    Automate Celebrations

    Automatic Happy Birthday emails are sent to customers, personalised from the Account Owner. Automatically congratulate Team Members via email when Opportunities are Closed Won.

    Manage Support Cases

    Manage Customer Support Cases and find the right Solutions for fast effective resolution.


    Provisioning Management

    (Coming Soon)

    Add process workflows and structure to better manage service provisioning.

    Phone Bill Analysis

    (Coming Soon)

    Quickly capture your customer's telecommunication spend and select the plan and devices you recommend, then produce a cost comparison report to email to your customer. All within minutes while you're just using your tablet on-site with your customer!

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