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Introducing InSyncTelco CRM -

Let's Automate your Telco business!

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As entrepreneurs within the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, we have been busy crafting an out-of-the-box CRM solution designed specifically to address the challenges faced in growing a successful telco business in the digital age.


Managing the full life cycle of your customers is now an absolute breeze with InSyncTelco CRM from engaging, nurturing, and converting more leads from multiple touch-points including outbound visits, call center, website, social, channel partners, referrals, etc. to drive customer acquisition, increase customer retention and reduce churn, identify cross-sell opportunities and automate your targeted marketing campaigns and provide outstanding customer support and account management.



Generate, nurture, and convert up to 46% more leads from multiple touch-points including 

outbound visits, call center, website, social, etc. 

Foster more effective Solution Selling by providing lead qualifying questions which help your Sales Team uncover customer pain points and discover opportunities to offer solutions that set you apart from the competition, and close more deals faster.

Rethink the way your staff work, automate repetitive tasks, improve employee engagement and productivity by up to 77%


Increase customer retention and reduce churn by up to 22% by engaging your customers with 

Proactive Account Management and Timely Upgrade Offers:

  • Send welcome emails
  • Address potential bill shock
  • Automate happy birthday messages
  • Never miss an upgrade opportunity

Your team will always be on the same page with customers with all interactions from calls, tasks, appointments, website visits, chat transcripts, quotes, invoices, notes, documents, support cases, emails and social media comments all in one place, under the customer record.


Easily identify cross-sell opportunities based on customer purchase history and send relevant offers which increase wallet-share by up to 54%, selling new services to existing customers.

Schedule targeted email marketing campaigns based on:

  • Industry Vertical
  • Company Size
  • Contact Job Title
  • Preferred Mobile OS
  • Current Telco Provider
  • Business Location
  • And much more.....


Segment your channel partners into territories based on geographic location, product specialty, industry vertical and many other options, set targets for each channel partner and report on pipeline and address any forecast shortfalls quickly. 

Setup security profiles and data sharing rules and then associate users with these profiles to allow what they can and can't do and see in InSyncTelco CRM

Work closely with channel partners to deliver Local Area Marketing initiatives to boost customer acquisition in their territory.


Automatically calculate the gross-profit of each sales opportunity based on the plans, products & services quoted and then invoiced. While also tracking the sales commission earned for each of your sales people based on products sold.


Email, Website, Social Media, and Phone System integration enables all incoming and outgoing communication with prospects and customers to be recorded automatically against the contact record. Also enabling accurate visibility of sales activity across your sales and marketing teams.

And with access to our powerful API's you'll be able to integrate your CRM with your core applications such as ERP, accounting and billing systems.


You're got the data, now see the results with live reporting across Key Performance Indicators specific to the Telecoms industry. Helping you make better decisions to grow your business.

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